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Why Take My Course?

I built this course because many clients came to me asking, “How can I learn SEO?”

Because It All Boils Down To...

Visitors = Revenue.


While the math may vary slightly, over and over and over the ratios boil down to this:

For every 1000 people that visit your website, 10% of them will leave their email address. By making offers in your email campaigns, 1-2% of those people will buy.


1000 visitors turn to 100 leads that turn into 1-2 sales.

If you want to make 100 sales, you simply increase your website traffic to 10,000.

Simple math.

Now you can do this a couple of ways.

You can PAY for ads…


You can optimize your SEO so that when people search for solutions to their problems (that you are selling!) YOUR offer shows up FIRST!

So, ultimately, this course pays for itself. Investing in the knowledge of how to make your content stand out to search engines (and clients!), will continue to generate revenue for years to come! 

What It Looks Like To Take Action.

What will you learn?

Solopreneur SEO covers everything you need to get and monetize search traffic.

Keyword Research

SEO starts with finding the right terms to target. I cover how to do this quickly & easily, so you know how much traffic you're targeting.

Content Creation

The core of this strategy is using content to capture traffic for the terms you're targeting. I show you how to easily create SEO-optimized pieces.

Authority Building

Along with content, you need a high-authority site that Google trusts. I cover common pitfalls as well as reliable strategies for building authority .

Making Money

Traffic doesn't pay the bills. You'll learn how to turn your traffic into sales, whether that's creating new products or sending visitors to existing ones.

The Breakdown